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Beetroot - Oil Soluble Liquid

Escentials of Australia

Beetroot  - Oil Soluble Liquid

Purified aqua, beta vulgaris, vegetable derived surfactant  Preservative:  Gluconolactone

slightly viscous oil soluble liquid, orange /red colour.


Natural Colour for cosmetics and soap. Note the rich colour of beetroot fades, almost as soon as it is poured, and particularly  when subjected to light.

Store in a cool dark place , away from children.  

We often get questions about why oil soluble colours don't do well in standard lip balm recipes...the reason is that the surfactant doesn't all blend well with waxes , butters and oils. Our suggestion is mix well as it cools and be prepared to scrape a little of the colour of the bottom of the balm once it sets.

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